NRG Campaign Spots

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NRG is an energy company offering a range of energy solutions and expertise to business clients large and small. Telling the story of their highly technical offerings can be difficult. Doing it in 15 seconds...well, that's a challenge.

So to tell their business story, we launched a series of video spots to hype our campaign landing pages (scroll down). My creative team and I landed on an abstract art direction with not-so serious scripts—a combination that revealed humans as the real power behind energy solutions.

We sold in the different look and feel as less B2B, more Human-Human. Because at the end of the day, companies don’t make the world go ‘round. People do. To use the words of the NRG brand tagline AKQA created: Real power isn't measured in units. It's measured in people.

Script: Me
AD: Brad Hall & Benjamin Parisot
Director: Brian Baldwin
Producer: Chad Parker
Acting: Cameo by Brad Hall

I was also Copy Lead for the corresponding campaign landing pages you can find here: 

Where Hyper-Obsessed is a Solution, featuring Data Insights

The Freedom to Do Nothing, featuring Asset-Backed Demand Response

Intelligence Makes an Impact, featuring Demand Response


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